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***2 Week Turnaround*** Class of 2022 Photo Keepsakes

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*** Please allow 2 weeks for shipment ***

Orders cannot be split. If you have other items in your order, they will be held to ship with your keepsakes.

Customize these for your customers with their seniors photos! We can match school colors as well!

For each keepsake, please provide 6 high res images per keepsake (have your customer email it to you, no texting or it will reduce the resolution). NO HEADSHOTS. 3/4 or full body only. We need room to adjust the pictures within the numbers. Professional images must be accompanied by a copyright release.

For ease of processing, please rename each set of photos to match the color selection in your order. (i.e. Keepsake 1(1), Keepsake 1(2), Keepsake 1(3), Keepsake 1(4), Keepsake 2(1)... etc.)

We can do solid filled numbers if you don't have a full order of photo keepsakes.