Car Magnet

Car Magnet

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Size:12" x 18" Best for small cars

Car Magnets are printed on 30mil heavy-duty material with a UV coating with rounded corners and ideally suited for car door signage. These glossy magnets offer long lasting outdoor use.

I would recommend test a refrigerator magnet on your vehicle before spending the time measuring. Newer vehicles can be made from recycled metals or even plastic and may have little to no magnet attraction.

How to Choose Magnet Sign Size

The most-popular sizes for vehicle magnets are 12" x 18" for compact cars and 12" x 24" for regular size passenger cars. Pickup trucks and SUVs can accommodate larger magnets, with 18 x 24” being very popular. With the largest area of all passenger vehicles, 24 x 36” is a popular size for cargo van magnets and some vans can handle sizes up to 24 x 48”.

One common mistake people make in ordering their car magnets is to assume that "one size fits all" or to simply guess at the dimensions. Not all car doors are designed the same way or with the same construction materials. Car magnets should be ordered at custom sizes to ensure the best fit on the vehicle. If car magnets are placed over trim molding or on a curved area, the resulting airflow can weaken the bond between the car and the magnet. Always measure the flat, metallic surface area you wish to utilize for your magnetic signs before you order. This is strongly recommended and is the best way to pick the size of your car magnets. If your car door is aluminum a magnet will not stick.

Look The Part

Magnetic signs not only carry a message to your intended audience, they also help your work van to present a highly professional appearance.


Proper Care & Cleaning Of Your Car Magnets

The magnet will naturally stick to most vehicle surfaces and stay firmly in place until removed - as long as it was applied properly to a clean, dry, flat, ferrous metal (magnetic) surface. It is extremely important to apply magnets only to factory painted vehicles with no custom paint work.

Touch one edge of the magnetic sign to the vehicle surface in the desired location and then let the rest of the sign slowly contact the surface until the entire sign is held magnetically in place. If your car magnet is not in the desired position, remove and repeat this process. (Do not try to straighten the sign by pulling on it when it is attached to the vehicle as this may stretch the material.) Do not rotate the sign while it is attached to the vehicle or you may scratch the vehicle’s paint or damage the clear coat.

Remove your magnets weekly for a few hours to clean them up and let the surface of the vehicle “breathe”. Magnets should be applied only to a flat ferrous metal surfaces, with no plastic parts, moldings, and rivets underneath. The nature of magnets makes them unusable on uneven or plastic parts, aluminum trailers and tailgates, or any other vehicle surface that is not made of a flat ferrous metal.


Keep in mind that 100% of the magnet must be in contact with steel on a vehicle. Magnets lifted by emblems or molding will fall off while driving. 


Email us for a quote for your custom size. We will need the length and width.

*Cargo Van not included

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